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ΔΩΡΕΑΝ ΜΕΤΑΦΟΡΙΚΑ με αγορές άνω των 20€
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Complete scientific solutions are needed to make slimming fast and permanent. That is why we deal with the outcome, but also with the cause. We ask you only for your sincere cooperation and we guarantee that you will achieve your goal quickly, easily, in a healthy way, without deprivations and mental imbalance. We have the equipment, the specialized products, the knowledge and the desire to help you and enjoy the result with you.

Mesotherapy Slimming

Mesotherapy in slimming converts fat (hydrophobic) to water soluble, facilitating its removal. It can be used in local lipodystrophy (back, hands, abdomen, inner thighs, etc.) as it is a very effective tool for dissolving fat deposition.

Mesotherapy Cellulite

Mesotherapy is a method of intra and subcutaneous injections that results in painless, amazing results in the treatment of cellulite.Its main action is: decongestion, local stimulation of the lymph circulation, dissolution of fatty acids, normalization of the appearance of \”orange peel\”.

Mesotherapy Tightening

In tightening, mesotherapy aims to stimulate the activity of fibroblasts, which are directly involved in the formation of collagen and elastin, to increase the extracellular matrix. Vitamin C acts on free radicals, prevents cell oxidation, while dimethylethanolamine (DMAE) increases the firmness and softness of the skin.

Volcanic Apocalypse

LIPO-STIMULATION – Volcanic apocalypse zone
A unique treatment that combines volcanic ash with the lipolytic action of the most innovative biotechnological elements and active ozone. Ideal for: menopausal women, intense retention, cellulite, abdominal fat.


Cavitation is an aesthetic application that breaks down fat in the areas in question. It is the ideal cure for local fat and persistent cellulite that resist diet and exercise.

Endermology PR CELL 2G

The PR cell 2G makes an effective deep massage that combines skin roll with suction to reach the subcutaneous tissue. With suction it places the tissue between the rollers and then holds and moves the skin and subcutaneous tissue to remove any inflammation that exists.

Lymphatic Manual Massage

Effective technique of slow, repetitive movements that stimulates the lymphatic system and improves lymph circulation. Strengthens the immune system, prevents and improves cellulite, detoxifies, prevents the retention of junk. Ideal for weight loss, cellulite, swollen legs.


Ideal treatment for restructuring and restoring firmness of the skin. The supporting tissues are strengthened, rejuvenated and skin elasticity restored.


Lipo Laser has thirty-two powerful diode lasers that emit low-level laser therapeutic energy by causing chemical reaction to the lipocytes. This reaction causes the degradation of the stored triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol which eventually remove their lipids.


Electrotherapy is a painless method of passive exercise that is applied locally to the places we want. Via electrodes, a low voltage current is channeled locally to the point of application, and by the movement of the electrons (of the current) it achieves the desired contraction and muscle training.

Lymphopass Lymph 

Apparatus for body detoxification with lymphatic massage and intense lipolysis as well as body tightening with special pands that enter specific parts of the body.


Individual sauna, enjoyable to use. Relaxes the muscles and soothes the muscles and joint pains, removes toxins, cleanses the skin, helps to lose unnecessary pounds