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ΔΩΡΕΑΝ ΜΕΤΑΦΟΡΙΚΑ με αγορές άνω των 20€
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Re Coordination Session

Every difficulty, every problem is an indication that we are doing something wrong. It is the gift of our souls to redefine ourselves, to find our center! So think about the prospect of treating whatever comes to us as a gift! How optimistic it is that we have a choice! How much real freedom and happiness results from realizing that the solution is not out there, but deep inside us! Finding our inner peace and balance the skin, weight loss, acne, etc. external \’\’ problems \’\’ are in the past! If you want quick and easy solutions visit:

Individual session

The person experiences deep serenity and perceives different ways of dealing with the situations around him, always aiming for his inner joy. And the important thing is that all this is done easily, because its internal guidance is activated. More here.


The purpose of the seminars is to learn how to easily enter our inner joy, regardless of the situations we face in our daily lives. Joy in our lives is an option. More here.

Detoxification in the body and mental relaxation

A particularly beneficial daytime break for rest and rejuvenation. Treatment includes the Detox Foot Spa and meditation to eliminate stress and negative emotions. Let go in this enjoyable experience. Take 40 minutes to yourself.