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ΔΩΡΕΑΝ ΜΕΤΑΦΟΡΙΚΑ με αγορές άνω των 20€
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The face is our mirror. A shiny, clean and flawless skin catches the attention of the people around us and fills us with confidence. Intense pace of everyday life, stress and the passage of time make a person look tired and dull. It loses its shine, dehydrates and reduces its elasticity. This requires constant care with the right products. Leave it in our hands for a healthy, refreshed, radiant skin!

Full Face Mesotherapy 

Mesotherapy is a method of intra and subcutaneous injections that results in painless, amazing effects on wrinkles, acne, relaxation, double sagging, stains and more. It is done by infusing a mixture of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants in the face, neck & neckline. 

Eye Mesotherapy

It is a very natural and discreet refresh since it maintains expressiveness and avoids excessive results. Instantly improves bags, black circles, wrinkles on the \’goose\’s foot\’.

Lip Mesotherapy

Juicy lips by the method of mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid and sodium hyaluronic acid. For a natural and healthy effect.

Deep cleaning of face with steam

With caution to each type of skin and attention to avoid infection, we combine cleansing, exfoliating, disinfecting and balancing the skin thus providing a perfectly clean skin without irritation. The clogged pores are unclogged and balance is reached.

Medi cleansing with peels

Clean, shiny, healthy sebum-free skin with the help of specialized acids, without the use of steam.

Planting with cure

It stimulates cell renewal and removes degenerate cells, removing superficial abnormalities, scarring and discoloration. Restores abnormal keratinization of the skin, balances sebum secretion while exerting powerful germicidal and anti-inflammatory action, restoring skin health. After planting for 4-7 days the treatment is applied to restore balance to the skin.

Radio Frequency Lifting

With Radiofrequency technology we achieve improvement in facial contouring, skin tightening, duplex reduction, smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles and even sensitive areas of the face that could not be treated without pain or injury such as the area around eyes and around the lips.

Acid Peels with Focused Action

From the research of K-Surgery laboratories COCTAILS PEELS were created. Exclusive blend of acids intended exclusively for professional use. They offer a targeted and exclusive exfoliation with 4 cosmetic actions: anti-aging, discolorant, antioxidant and cleanser.

Microcrystalline skin abrasion

Painless, non-invasive removal of dead skin cells with diamond head for friction and suction


A treatment in which LEDs (light-emitting diodes) in combination with the appropriate products fight acne, wrinkles, relaxation, pansies and discolorations (depending on the spectrum of light emitting red-yellow-blue-purple-green-white)

Acne treatment

Dermanorm treatment is rich in calcium, nutrients, antioxidants, antibacterial & antiseptic effects. Suitable for any time of the year, for all ages. Significantly improves acne from the 1st application.

Redness Therapy / Dilated Capillary Vessels Therapy

Redness Control therapy combines unique seaweed, chamomile oil & bilberries to 100% support the vessel walls and give an even complexion to the skin. For a healthy and calm skin from the 1st application.

RF Eye Treatment

Boosts cellular renewal and decompresses the tissues. It softens the wrinkles and at the same time treats swelling and dehydration. Replenishes, rejuvenates, stimulates and illuminates the delicate eye area.

Ultrasonic cleaning

Their advantage is the completely painless application! They have immediate effect. They cleanse the sebum that\’s on the surface without irritating the skin, removes dead cells, improves the appearance of enlarged pores, moisture and clasping, and help deepen the corresponding products.

Express Treatment for hydration, anti-aging, balancing

Redness Control treatment for spider veins and redness.

Detoxification, Activation Massage

Through gentle pressures, the connective tissue is stimulated by facilitating the production of collagen and elastin by giving a visibly rejuvenated skin immediately. The intense wrinkles are softened and the fine ones are eliminated. The muscular tension that is accumulated is released and the facial features find their natural expression.