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ΔΩΡΕΑΝ ΜΕΤΑΦΟΡΙΚΑ με αγορές άνω των 20€
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Body – Massage

The term massage means a set of manipulations that are based on the principles of anatomy, physiology and pathology and are applied manually to the soft tissues of the human body. At Beauty Story we possess the knowledge and techniques to achieve 100% muscle relaxation and relief from joint pain. All treatments use disposable towels and special disposable underwear. Get into the hands of our healers and enjoy a unique experience ..

Exfoliation, Hydration & Massage 

With this treatment we restore the hydrolipid balance to the most dehydrated skin. We start by peeling gold, removing dead cells and then applying the appropriate moisturizing cream. Ideal for immediate hydration and toning of the skin

Relax Massage 50 \’

With skillful and relaxed movements the body eliminates the accumulated tension and fatigue.

Bioenergetic Massage 50 \’

A specialized massage that focuses on reflexology points for immediate and unblocking. The goal of the massage is the ultimate relaxation, serenity, detoxification.

Reflexology 25 \’

Reflexology is an alternative, therapeutic method that gets rid off or relieves pain by activating specific parts of the body through massage and pressure. It is a relaxing and refreshing extremity massage. 

25 \’Therapeutic Back Massage

With this massage all the tension that has accumulated on the back, neck and shoulders after a stressful and demanding day simply disappears. We are also focusing on blocked areas and the pain disappears.

Relax massage 25 \’

Massage focused on hands and feet. Ideal for people that work with computers, writing and stand for a long time.

Detox Foot Spa

With Detox Foot Spa, detoxification becomes a pleasant, relaxing process. In 30\’ it helps to eliminate toxins and other chemicals or synthetics from the body, which are accumulated and trapped in the layers of the skin and which block the elimination system. A complete treatment requires 10-12 sessions. 

Correct Body Posture 10 visits 

The goal of treatment is to remove any back and neck pain, to improve posture and to teach you techniques and physical exercises that improve daily fitness. From the first treatment you will feel your body refreshed and relaxed.